Jesus and John

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Jesus and John is a Weird re-imagining of the New Testament as a novel of allegorical horror. John, a fisherman from a rural village in Galilee, is tasked with protecting the risen body of his lover who was crucified for disrupting Roman order in the city of Jerusalem. The body, having miraculously emerged from its cave-like tomb, refuses to speak and walks in a dream-like silence, disrupting the clear-cut message of the Apostle Peter and eventually leading John on a dangerous pilgrimage to a mysterious mansion in Rome known as the Gray Palace. There, the few inhabitants promise a celebration that may lead to a sacrifice John is unwilling to make. Incorporating Christian Gnosticism, Pagan dreams, and a contemporary will toward queer disruption, Adam McOmber’s new novel tells a powerful story of devotion.

“Terror and religion collide in McOmber’s atmospheric, thought-provoking, and unapologetically queer exploration of devotion in a retelling of the resurrection as a horror allegory.”

“McOmber excels at crafting chilling revelations that are genuinely surprising even within this strange, hypnotic world. Fans of weird fiction will enjoy this uncanny, mystical tale.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Beautifully written, heretical, and profoundly humane, this is a book about destabilizing one’s entire sense of reality and revealing the unreal lurking within.”
– Brian Evenson, author of Song for the Unraveling of the World